US Labor Condition Applications (LCA)

LCA postings for Infosys employees

US Labor Condition Application (LCA)

Pursuant to 20 CFR 655.734, Infosys Ltd is providing notice to potentially affected workers that H-1B workers are being sought at the worksites listed below. Each Labor Condition Application is available for public inspection at the following address:
        6100 Tennyson Parkway, Suite #200
        Plano, Texas 75024
Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the labor condition application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.


Postings for Infosys Ltd.

170628 Project Manager - US, East Hanover, New Jersey
170628 Technology Analyst - US - Professional, Lone Tree, Colorado
170628 Technology Analyst - US - Practitioner, Bellevue, Washington
170628 Project Manager - US, Dallas, Texas
170628 Technology Lead - US - Practitioner, Moline, Illinois
170628 Technical Test Lead - US, San Francisco, California
170628 Technology Lead - US, Houston, Texas
170628 Technology Analyst - US, Bothell, Washington
170628 Technology Analyst - US, Los Angeles, California
170628 Consultant - US, Fort Worth, Texas

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